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Welcome to a Revolution.

Nexworld is a revolution in design-thinking. A revolution in the way we think about homes.

At Nexworld, every single experience has been deeply thought about and taken to a level that hardly anyone could have imagined. Be it th...

ir apartments, their towers, their amenities - you will find that every experience is designed to blow you away.

This is a result of an incredibly clear design philosophy - to create a deep connection to nature. To them, the design is so much more than creating pretty looking buildings. It's about sunrises and sunsets. It's about blue skies, clouds and expansive greenery. And you'll see how every space at Nexworld has been designed around these experiences. At Nexworld, you will find that nature and aesthetic beauty have been taken to a level that is just incomparable to any other development.

And it's not only the big ideas, but they have also obsessed with every detail. About each apartment, each room and each dimension. About where you could put your TV and your couch, about where your children can study peacefully. About storage, kitchen counters, parking and even lift placement. When you study their floor plans, you will see that everything has been thought about and makes more sense than it ever did before.

The more you learn about Nexworld, the more you will realize how unique and revolutionary it is. At Nexworld, you will see how design can change your world.

A whole new world.

Nexworld is an enormous township that will be developed over several years. The first two stunning skyscrapers coming up in Nexworld are Aura and Elara.

The story begins with their gorgeous plot in Dombivli. Lush greenery, expansiveness and the incredible beauty of nature in all directions. This is such a rare sight to have in Mumbai. Their aim was to create homes with a deep and profound connection to the magnificent natural landscapes surrounding Nexworld.

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Kalyan-Shil Road, Dombivli (E)

Price Range

30.00* - 55.00* Lacs

Useable Area

422* - 715* Sq.Ft


Under Construction


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Nexworld is now RERA Certified.

Both towers of Nexworld are now RERA certified. Aura and Elara have been registered as four phases with the Authorities. We are currently revising our brochure to showcase the amenities that will be delivered with Elara - 2. Please contact or Whatsapp our sales team on 9920464674 for details.

Unit Type RERA Carpet Useable Area (Sq ft). Base Price(Rs.) Special Savings (Rs.) Offer Base Consideration Price (Rs.) Effective EMI (Rs.) All Inclusive Best Price (Rs.)
Unit Type
392* SqFt
422* SqFt 31.00* Lacs 1.00* Lacs 30.00* Lacs * Click to Know
Unit Type
501* SqFt
530* SqFt 41.00 Lacs* 1.00* Lacs 40.00* Lacs * Click to Know
Unit Type
684* SqFt
715* SqFt 57.00* Lacs 2.00* Lacs 55.00* Lacs * Click to Know

In Marathon Nexworld, they are committed to transparency

At Marathon, they are committed to building a lasting relationship with our customers based on trust and transparency. Know exactly what you'll be getting and when it will be delivered.

  • No Stamp Duty Registration*
  • Avail PMAY Benefits Up To Rs. 2.67* Lacs


Homes like you've never seen before.

At Marathon Nexworld, their greatest focus has been the experience from within our apartments. They have thought about every inch, every function and every piece of furniture. They have obsessed about the view and the orientation of each and every apartment. The result? Huge windows, picture-perfect views and floor plans that make more sense than they ever did before.

Massive Windows, Epic Views.

Their apartments are designed to connect the residents to nature in a manner that hasn't been done before. All their spaces have enormous windows for you to enjoy panoramic views of beautiful natural landscapes. Lots of natural light and picture-perfect views will completely transform your living experience.

One of the many design innovations at Nexworld that improves the connection to nature - all the corner bedrooms at Nexworld have L-shaped windows that open up to breathtaking views.

Because views matter more than you think

Who doesn't like beautiful views? But did you know that views of nature and greenery have a huge impact on our moods, health and productivity? There are hundreds of scientific studies that establish this fact. Here are a few of them:

People who were exposed to greenery were more friendly and supportive. They were less likely to have psychological fatigue or be rude to others (Kuo and Sullivan 1990). They were more likely to value deep relationships, be generous, be helpful and trusting (University of Rochester study).

Sunlight has a huge impact on our moods, health and productivity. Office workers who worked near windows slept better, exercised more and were more productive than those in windowless offices (Cheung & Zee, 2014). Exposure to daylight improves moods and cognitive performance (Kent, 2009).

Patients with a view of greenery healed faster and needed lesser pain medication than patients who had a view of a brick wall. (Roger Ulrich, 1984).

These are just a few of the studies that demonstrate the profound impact nature has on us at a subconscious level. Nexworld is an entire township designed around connecting you to nature and is sure to bring more physical and psychological benefits than you can imagine.

Their signature wide living rooms have enormous windows for you to enjoy panoramic views right from your couch.

Unrestricted Views

The quality of your view depends a lot on the building shape or typology as well. Here's another innovation that helped them create these spectacular views.

Most typical building plans are such that sometimes most of the view from your window is blocked by the building itself! You get a very restricted and narrow view. Your apartment receives very little daylight and ventilation.

At Nexworld, they have created a whole new building typology where you get clean, unrestricted, panoramic views from every single living room and bedroom. Their apartments receive ample natural light and great ventilation.

Stunning Features

  • Premium Towers "Aura" and "Elara"
  • The project is spread over a total area of 6.63 acres of land.
  • Proposed 2 Towers
  • Total No of Floors - 29
  • Total No of Units - 683
  • Maximise distance between buildings
  • Create gaps in the concrete mass
  • Create unrestricted views
  • Creates the best view, maximises daylight and ventilation
  • The Wide Living Room
  • All the corner bedrooms at Nexworld have L-shaped windows that open up to breathtaking views
1 BHK Studio

Useable area: 422* sq.ft.

Rs 30.00* Lacs

1 BHK Premium

Useable area: 530* sq.ft.

Rs. 40.00* Lacs


Useable area: 715* sq.ft.

Rs. 55.00* Lacs


Everything is in its place. A place for everything in Marathon Nexworld.

They have designed floor plans that make more sense than ever before. At Nexworld, every inch and every dimension matters. They have thought about each function and each interaction and made careful decisions so you have an exceptionally comfortable experience.

Every dimension matters

Many developments – to save a few square feet – design incredibly small rooms for children. These rooms are so small, you can't even fit a desk inside them. Where will the kids study?

To them, it was important to make sure that they have designed a children's room where two kids could study comfortably. Their children's bedroom is purpose-designed to fit in two desks, a queen bed or two single beds, and 8 feet wide cupboard space.

Every square foot matters

Many times, the dimensions of a space don't tell the whole story. The two apartments you see here have living rooms that are exactly the same size but are dramatically different when it comes to the usable area of the spaces.

A lot of apartments have 'invisible passages' that cut across space and result in a lot of wastage. It also creates some dead spaces that are unusable. These issues also create some serious problems and constraints in terms of furniture layouts.

At Nexworld, the passages run along the edge of the unit, maximizing the usable area. Since the passage doesn't awkwardly cut across space, you get a lot of flexibility in terms of furniture layouts. For instance, you can easily interchange the living area and the dining table according to your preference.

1 BHK Studio

The 1 BHK studio is a revolutionary apartment that has pioneered a whole new category of homes.

Compare this apartment to any other 1BHK on the market and you will find that the living room, bedroom and kitchen are almost as big and very similar in utility. But the cost is around 30% lesser! Magic? They call it design-thinking. By almost entirely eliminating passages they have created a product that you won't find anywhere else on the market.

Your living room is a large space without any passages cutting across. Your kitchen has plenty of free counter space and even provisions for a washing machine. Your bedroom has plenty of storage and even space for a desk. Your apartment has two full toilets. Add to that massive edge to edge windows and gorgeous views and you will find that this is an absolutely unparalleled proposition.

1 BHK Premium

Step into their 1BHK Premium and you are sure to be blown away. Their signature wide living room has supersized windows that are completely unprecedented, with views so stunning that you'll never want to leave home!

The living room is one of the largest on the market for a 1 BHK and makes for an elaborate dining and living experience. The bedroom is also more spacious than anything on the market and even has space for a desk. The kitchen has ample free counter space, provisions for a washing machine and also has large windows and stunning views! Designated cupboard spaces in your living room and your bedroom give you an unrivaled amount of storage. The apartment also has two full toilets.

Their 1 BHK Premium delivers an epic living experience that will make you fall in love with your home.


This stunning apartment is designed for an unparalleled living experience. Their signature wide living room is made even wider, which not only makes the layout much more spacious and comfortable but also takes the experience to a whole new level with ultra-wide windows.

The living room is much much larger than most of the competition. The kitchen has a large amount of free counter space and has provisions for a washing machine. The children's bedroom is also one of the most spacious on the market and easily fits in desks and a large cupboard. The master bedroom is also incomparably large, fitting in a desk and some additional lounge seating and also boasts a beautiful L-shaped window that opens up to stunning views.

This incredibly spacious 2 BHK with an incredible amount of windows makes for an unparalleled living experience that will refresh you every day and make you proud of your home.

1 BHK Studio

  • SQ FT. 422*

1 BHK Premium

  • SQ FT. 530*


  • SQ FT. 715*
1 BHK Studio
1 BHK Premium



Marathon Nexworld project is an investment that promises huge exponential returns for the future. People who have their businesses and jobs at Turbhe, Kopar Khairane and other areas of Navi Mumbai, it provides them with the best choice of buying plenty of space at less than below affordable prices. This property is expected to give huge value appreciation in the near-decade.


While gold may have given returns of 7% annually, Real Estate has given 3x returns compared to gold over the last 7 years


GST rate on affordable housing is reduced to 8% from 12%


Lowest interest rates in a decade, resulting in super-low EMI'S


Real estate is the best bet against inflation, as it's the only asset that loses little or no value in periods of rising prices


Get benefits up to 2.3 lacs under the Pardhan Mantri Awas Yojana (Urban), if you are a first-time home buyer with an annual household income between Rs 6-18 lacs


With RERA getting implemented, the new homes come with a seal of trust, ensuring fair-play and timely delivery

MahaRERA No.P51700000652,P51700000507,


Marathon Nexworld has large amount open spaces and a plenty of amenities to satisfy your necessities. It provides you with 1 bhk studio and 1 bhk premium and 2 bhk homes that are carefully planned with amenities such as swimming pool, gym, Badminton Court, Indoor Games Room, Banquet Hall, Lounge etc. and more than that.

  • Gym
  • Swimming Pool
  • Badminton Court
  • Indoor Games Room
  • Banquet Hall
  • Lounge
  • gym-marathon-nexworld-Off-Diva-Manpada-Road-Dombivli-East-Maharashtra
  • kids-play-area-marathon-nexworld-Off-Diva-Manpada-Road-Dombivli-East-Maharashtra
    Kids Play Area


Convenient today, brilliant tomorrow in Marathon Nexworld.

By virtue of its excellent connectivity to the central railway line, Marathon Nexworld makes for an incredibly convenient commute. But the most exciting aspect of Nexworld's location is it's future - large-scale infrastructure projects that are going to radically transform the entire area.

Super Connected

Nexworld is extremely well connected to the central railway line - 15 minutes away from Diva station and about 18 minutes away from Dombivli station. This means you can get to South Mumbai from your home in about an hour!

Nexworld is located off the arterial Kalyan-Shil road and enjoys excellent road connectivity to Navi Mumbai, Thane and the central suburbs.

At Nexworld, you will be in the middle of the fastest-growing residential, industrial and commercial centres in the country - Dombivli, Thane, Kalyan and Navi Mumbai.

Mumbai's fastest-growing neighborhood

The best schools, colleges, shopping centres and medical facilities are all less than 20 minutes away from Nexworld. And the future is even brighter - there are huge residential developments, hospitals, shopping and sporting facilities coming up in very close proximity to Nexworld.

Dombivli - a place whose time has come

Massive infrastructure projects around Nexworld are set to transform Dombivli into a major urban hub and vastly improve connectivity.

Multimodal Corridor

This 126 km long project runs very close to Nexworld and comprises road, metro, bus lanes and greenways for pedestrians and bicycles. It runs all the way from Virar to Alibaug and is set to be a major boost for development.

Airoli-Katai Tunnel Road

This proposed tunnel road will provide direct connectivity to Airoli and the central suburbs. This will drastically reduce road travel times by enabling commuters to bypass Shilphata, Mahape and Mumbra.

Super Wide Roads

The government has mandated a Development Plan (DP) with a network of ultra-wide 30m-60m roads in the area. This will drastically improve Nexworld's road connectivity and ease the traffic.

Vasai-Panvel Rail Expansion

This proposed 70km railway line will be the largest rail expansion project in the city and will provide excellent connectivity to Panvel and Vasai. Datiwali station on this line is just 5 minutes from Nexworld.

Smart City Project

Kalyan-Dombivli is one of the 98 cities shortlisted to be developed as a ‘Smart City’ under the Smart Cities Mission of the Government of India with proposed initiatives such as waterfront development, town planning and rehab schemes set to radically transform the area.

Proposed Airport

The proposed airport is under an hour away by road from Nexworld, with the other proposed rail and road projects like the multi-modal corridor and Panvel railway line set to further improve connectivity.

  • Located Off the arterial Kalyan-Shil road and enjoys excellent road connectivity to Navi Mumbai, Thane and the central suburbs
  • Diva Station - 15 Minutes
  • Dombivli Station - 18 Minutes
  • Fortis Kalyan
  • RR Hospital
  • Mamta Hospital
  • Icon Hospital
  • AIMS Hospital
  • Proposed Retail Promenade at Nexworld
  • Xperia Mall
  • Metro Mall
  • D Mart
  • Big Bazaar
  • Proposed School in Nexworld
  • Kidzee Playschool
  • Oxford English School
  • Ira Global School
  • Omkar Cambridge
  • Vidya Niketan
  • Pawar Public School
  • Lodha World School
  • The proposed airport is under an hour away by road from Nexworld

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